Stage Director Stefano Vizioli and Musical Director Aaron Carpene have between them contributed to over 100 opera productions in well-established opera companies and festivals internationally. Stefano Vizioli is currently the Artistic Director of the Teatro Verdi di Pisa in Italy.

As opera assumes greater popularity throughout the Asian region, Vizioli and Carpene have come to specialise in reconceptualising Western opera through the traditional performing arts and theology of Asian cultures. Their production of Handel’s Acis and Galatea in the Royal Kingdom of Bhutan in 2013 brought together an international opera cast with the Royal Academy of Performing Arts in Bhutan. The New York Times proclaimed it, “not just an extraordinary achievement, but a deeply moving human experience.” In 2016 Japan Orfeo was realised at the sacred temple of Tsurugaoka Hachimangu in Kamakura, a celebration of early Italian opera and Nō Theatre. The Weekly Standard writes, “It was beyond the beyond, one of those rare moments in life when one is thrilled to be alive for the privilege of hearing / seeing / feeling a genius of a creation. Aaron and Stefano have succeeded in producing an opera that links antiquity with modernity with a seamless result that lifts the soul as with the greatest art.” The work of the two directors can be seen at operaESTrema

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Henk de Jong is a professional trainer, project manager, technical and business adviser and producer. His practical and result-orientated nature is shown in his vast international track record as executive director, program coordinator, business consultant, trainer / educator and organisational development specialist in the areas of Civil Society development, inclusive development, business, film and creative industry . Over the past number of years he has worked in Cambodia, the Netherlands, Bhutan, Moldova, Armenia, Bulgaria, Romania, Kosovo, Ethiopia, Surinam and Mali.